Cocoon (sampler)

For those who haven’t yet read my latest novel, Cocoon, here’s a sampler to entice you to buy a copy! Though fiction, this book is based on the true story of a woman stricken with a dark psychosis, from which she may never return.

Happy Reading!!

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     That Monday night, Seana had settled down in a chair at Happy Feet Dance Studio, chilling out. Tired after spending a good part of the day at son Tim’s Howard Real Estate office, helping his wife, Sherry with some paperwork.

     She’d discovered how rusty her office skills had become. “I’ve got to take a computer course to brush up.” Seana blew out a frustrated breath and gazed at Sherry that afternoon as she sat at the computer. “Everything is changing in cyberspace.”

     “There’s going to be a computer class a...

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Maranatha Rhapsody

I want to share a story from my in-progress book, Breaking Through the Clouds.  Aunt Annie Mary, 92, the story’s subject, just peacefully passed away this week.  Rest in peace, Auntie.  Enjoy!!




“It`s not how old you are, it`s how you are old.” 
―Jules Renard


Blessings come at the most unexpected times. I’d just finished writing a novel and tons of ads for publicity web postings. A break is welcome.

So when Lee asks, “do you want to visit your Aunt Annie Mary at Maranatha?” my heart leaps with joy.

 “Yes!” My fatigue vanishes.  “And Hallelujah!”

My aunt is one of my favorite people in the whole world.  She is 86

has a sparkle in her hazel eyes—so like my late dad’s– and still loves fun.

Lee has errands to run inSparta...

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Writing is my life. After my eleven-year-old daughter died, I began keeping a daily journal. It was therapy. It gave me a reason to get up each day. It kept me putting one foot in front of the other. It helped me focus beyond the moment. It began to heal me.

It became a passion.

    The inspiration to write gave me impetus to move beyond journal entries and on to nonfiction stories published in Chicken Soup, Chocolate for Women and dozens of other venues. The driving force was my decision to turn tragedy into triumph and to make a difference in others’ lives along this path called life. I wanted to show others that they, too, could triumph over adversity.
Fiction beckoned. And I began to delve into “what ifs?”
Novels began to emerge.
In my sixth title release,  COCOON, I as...

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Making A Difference


 “Jack of all trades; master of none.” Haven’t we all heard that old saying and have, at certain places and times in our own earthly journey, applied it to ourselves? Sure we have because not many of us have mastered all that we wished to.

That cliché was once my mantra; many years ago and far away.

I was, in my early adult life, passionately involved in the arts.  I loved and pursued music. For ten years I studied piano, all the way through college freshman year. And I did learn enough to play in church. But no matter how diligently I practiced, I could never conquer the more advanced techniques of classical compositions...

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Welcome and thank you for visiting  Here you can find out information about books and other information about this published author.  Thanks again for stopping by. Visit the “Readers Section” to leave thoughts and comments for Emily Sue.

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Southern Writers

In 2012, Emily Sue Harvey will be a featured author in Southern Writers Magazine. Stay tuned for the upcoming issue to see what Emily Sue has to say about her latest novels and the business of writing.

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Flavors of Life


I love to write happy endings. Yet, my stories deal with real life issues and emotions so, in their telling,  I cannot avoid unpleasantness.  Seems life doles out lots of hassle along the way. It is indiscriminate and rampant and causes darkness to fall upon…whoever.  Whenever. The Bible says that even God Himself is “no respecter of persons.” And I remember a time, after the death of my adolescent child, when an uninvited visitor came to call.

His name was Grief. And he was, at first, so in my face I would smother and despair and cry forlornly...

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Song of Renewal

The Wakefields seem to have everything. Garrison is a hugely successful graphic artist. Liza is an active member of the community and a patron of the arts. Their 16-year-old daughter Angel is bright, beautiful, and a gifted dancer. At the same time, though, they have traded away many of their dreams. Garrison gave up a future as an accomplished painter to make money. Liza suspended her own dancing career to raise a family. And Angel is setting aside her ambitions to live her mother’s dream.

When Angel gets into a car accident that kills her first love, the Wakefields’ lives turn on a dime. While Angel lies in a coma from which even the best prognosis is devastating, Garrison and Liza sit by her side, their once-passionate marriage in tatters...

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In Space, Emily Sue delivers us a deeply moving story of a family on the brink. Dan and Deede Stowe have worked for years, planning and saving for their idyllic retirement years. Just when they finally are about to realize their dream, their adult, recovering drug-addict daughter, Faith, moves back in with them and everything changes. Their “miracle child”, complete with druggie baggage, upsets the tranquil balance of the Stowe’s existence. Private romantic moments evaporate. Faith’s endless needs intrude hour by hour, devouring both their finances, their emotions, and most crucially, their space. In turn, Faith finds herself bereft of everything she cherished most, her health, her marriage, her child, her family, her reputation and, most of all, a space to call her own.

Amid chao...

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Unto These Hills

Unto These Hills is an unforgettable novel of love, scandal, family, and roots by one of the most emotionally authentic authors of our time. Taking us into the deep South’s Tucapau Mill Hill, it introduces us to the unforgettable Sunny Acklin. Betrayed, abandoned, and violated, Sunny faces one seemingly insurmountable challenge after another. But she never loses her spirit or the memory of the love that once so richly illuminated her world. As years go by, Sunny does everything she can to make something of her life until at last an opportunity arises, one charged with promise…and undeniable risk.

From its vivid evocation of mill hill life to its pitch perfect rendering of the complexities of family and relationships, Unto These Hills is at once epic and intensely intimate...

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