Writing is my life. After my eleven-year-old daughter died, I began keeping a daily journal. It was therapy. It gave me a reason to get up each day. It kept me putting one foot in front of the other. It helped me focus beyond the moment. It began to heal me.

It became a passion.

    The inspiration to write gave me impetus to move beyond journal entries and on to nonfiction stories published in Chicken Soup, Chocolate for Women and dozens of other venues. The driving force was my decision to turn tragedy into triumph and to make a difference in others’ lives along this path called life. I wanted to show others that they, too, could triumph over adversity.
Fiction beckoned. And I began to delve into “what ifs?”
Novels began to emerge.
In my sixth title release,  COCOON, I asked myself, what if lovely, wealthy widow Seana Howard  meets nerdy, near-destitute  widower Barth McGrath, whom her family dislikes on sight, and falls for him? What if, against her tight-knit family’s disapproval, she later elopes with this enigmatic man from nowhere who is trailed by a dark past?
And what if, soon thereafter, she suddenly falls victim to a mysterious, rare psychosis from which—short of a miracle—one never returns? What if Barth’s love and very sanity is tested to the breaking point? Will his love survive the horror of living with a virtual stranger—a contrary one at that? And will Seana’s family ever trust his motives as he struggles through this nightmare of coping with their mother’s mental illness?
As always, my stories are pure Southern. Paradise Springs offers an idyllic South Carolina setting with its folksy populace of pert near 2,000.  Warm, colorful characters mosey about  the town’s ingenuous, warm landmarks including Happy Feet Dance Studio, Fred’s Grocery and Deli, Joanie’s Homecoming Queen Beauty Salon, Sassy Rags Dress Shop, the Mater and Onion Buffet and of course the Bible Belt  town’s regular gathering place, the church.
Will Seana ever escape her dark cocoon and reclaim her very purpose for living?
Cocoon is a life-affirming story of travail, obstacles, and the extraordinary length that friendship and undying love will travel.
I love to speak to groups, especially Book Clubs who feature my books and want a one on one encounter to discuss the dynamics of my stories. Contact is In the meantime, happy reading!

One comment to Cocoon

  • Patricia (Pollywog Creek)  says:

    Vicki Moss gave me her copy of Cocoon at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer’s Conference back in May, and though I intended to read and review it right away, life interrupted and as a result, I put it aside. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I simply forgot about it. As I was organizing the contents of several baskets last week, I was embarrassed to find it and remember my promise to Vicki. Every free minute I had this weekend I devoured your lovely book and will be thrilled to write a review on Amazon and share your book with my readers. Thank you for writing this perfectly delightful story. God bless. Patricia Hunter

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