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Cocoon (sampler)

For those who haven’t yet read my latest novel, Cocoon, here’s a sampler to entice you to buy a copy! Though fiction, this book is based on the true story of a woman stricken with a dark psychosis, from which she may never return.

Happy Reading!!

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     That Monday night, Seana had settled down in a chair at Happy Feet Dance Studio, chilling out. Tired after spending a good part of the day at son Tim’s Howard Real Estate office, helping his wife, Sherry with some paperwork.

     She’d discovered how rusty her office skills had become. “I’ve got to take a computer course to brush up.” Seana blew out a frustrated breath and gazed at Sherry that afternoon as she sat at the computer. “Everything is changing in cyberspace.”

     “There’s going to be a computer class a...

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