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Maranatha Rhapsody

I want to share a story from my in-progress book, Breaking Through the Clouds.  Aunt Annie Mary, 92, the story’s subject, just peacefully passed away this week.  Rest in peace, Auntie.  Enjoy!!




“It`s not how old you are, it`s how you are old.” 
―Jules Renard


Blessings come at the most unexpected times. I’d just finished writing a novel and tons of ads for publicity web postings. A break is welcome.

So when Lee asks, “do you want to visit your Aunt Annie Mary at Maranatha?” my heart leaps with joy.

 “Yes!” My fatigue vanishes.  “And Hallelujah!”

My aunt is one of my favorite people in the whole world.  She is 86

has a sparkle in her hazel eyes—so like my late dad’s– and still loves fun.

Lee has errands to run inSparta...

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Making A Difference


 “Jack of all trades; master of none.” Haven’t we all heard that old saying and have, at certain places and times in our own earthly journey, applied it to ourselves? Sure we have because not many of us have mastered all that we wished to.

That cliché was once my mantra; many years ago and far away.

I was, in my early adult life, passionately involved in the arts.  I loved and pursued music. For ten years I studied piano, all the way through college freshman year. And I did learn enough to play in church. But no matter how diligently I practiced, I could never conquer the more advanced techniques of classical compositions...

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