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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site and enjoying my work.  I love to hear comments and stories from my readers.  Please feel to scroll to the bottom and leave a comment to share your thoughts.  I frequently check this area and enjoy your feedback!

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  • Hamza Balol  says:

    Hello Ms. Emily,
I guess you are the one who wrote the wonderful story “Lifeline,” from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, right? My heart was so touched and deeply moved for the most beautiful heart touching article I have ever read in my life. The story had a very positive impact on my life. It greatly warmed my heart and gently touched my soul. The author’s writing style is beautiful enough to fascinate the readers and the story is no doubt the heart of the book.
Best regards,
Hamza Balol
Saudi Arabia

  • Emily Sue Harvey  says:

    Dear Hamza,
thank you for your kind remarks about my story, Lifeline. Yes, I did indeed write the story and it was from my heart. I’m so glad it blessed you. That’s the reason I write, to make a difference in lives. Please check out my books on I have six releases out now. And pass the word to your friends. Above all, take care and enjoy life. Each day is a gift.
Emily Sue Harvey

  • Carol Dilgard  says:

    Dear Ms. Harvey: I’ve always been an avid reader all my life of all types of subjects from archaeology, religion, geology, non-fiction, politics, travel, history, etc. but most all my books I now acquire through my Kindle where I acquired your book. “Unto These Hills” is the first of any book I’ve read which made we weep through several chapters. Much of what you wrote could have been my story and the last half of the book held me captive for hours….and I thank you for that. Because I could so readily identify with your characters, I accomplished no chores, no laundry, cancelled plans, etc. until I finished your book tonight. I’ve not yet read any of your other books but please count me as one of your most dedicated readers :) I truly admire your writing talent and your gift in relating such a story as an example of the reality of generations of women (and men) who go through a lifetime, ‘silently’ bearing their feelings of joy, grief, wishes, hopes, blame, betrayal, abandonment and forfeited dreams. Imagine that many of us and those who preceded us, may have had little or no support. In those times, we, as God’s children, turn to Him and Him alone. (P.S. Where can I buy a large supply of tissues before I begin reading your next book?) :)

  • Emily Sue Harvey  says:

    Carol, what wonderful remarks about my book, Unto These Hills. Thank you! You are so kind to take time to comment. If you will, take just a few more minutes to give me a good review at the online bookstore site where you ordered the book, either Amazon or Barnes and Noble? That helps tremendously. And most important of all, spread the word!!!!!! On Facebook, Twitter, and of course, word of mouth. Thank you again. I look forward to hearing from you again in the future. Take care.
Hugs, Emily Sue

  • Sabine Gilstrap  says:

    Hi Ms. Harvey,
Just read your book, unto these hills. I really enjoyed it and being a Mill Hill participant during my summers years it brought back real memories and the feeling of family I knew while growing up. My father and his family were born and raised on the road right behind the Mill, nick-named, 500. My grandmother spent her Sunday’s at the Tucapau Baptist Church. They were there from at least the 1920′s and some of the family were still there until a couple of years ago. Just over the bridge that crossed to the rear of the mill, that is now closed off and has been for many years, to my great dissapointment. I loved that old bridge. Crossing it was like leaving the safe known wonderful world of home made biscuts, eggs, sausage, cousins, uncles, grandparents, and going someplace foreign, even if it was only for a run to the dry goods store. Crossing back was going home every time. My papa had the little store on 500, for many, many years until his death in 1975. My grandparents played live gospel music on the local radio station for years. He and my grandmother and cousins worked in that mill going back many years. Back in the day when the hotel was still there. The Community Center, the Boy Scout site… Then my grandmother took over running the store for the next few years until her death. Anyway, thanks for the story and so much of the good and the not so good but the mainstay was family, love, and the comfort of home, even with the prejudices mixed in just as you describe. But, the warmth I found in the family and community of family are a thing I miss to this day. “Things never stay the same.” It is heartbreaking. My Aunt still ownes a mill house on N. Main Street. A 5 min walk from the shell of the Mill that remains. Thanks for the memories.

  • Emily Sue Harvey  says:

    Hi Sabine! It’s so good to hear from a mill hill gal. Those were great days, weren’t they? I remember Galen Gilstrap. Is he related to you? If you enjoyed Unto These Hills, you’ll like Homefires. I actually have five more books out. Check them out on Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites and if you like them, post me some good reviews. Pass the word!!!
Emily Sue Harvey

  • Sarah  says:

    Emily, I read your book Song of Renewal recently and was amazed at the emotional punch it cares. I will have a review posted on my website Workaday Reads, Goodreads and Amazon on Apr 17. I will definitely be checking out some of your other works.

    • Emily Sue Harvey  says:

      Thank you so much, Sarah. I appreciate your review! Please do check out my other books. Also, check out my blog in Southern Writers Magazine this month, “Taste-Full Southern Writing”. Click on Suite T and scroll down to the second blog. Golks like you make writing worthwhile! God bless.
      Hugs, Emily Sue

  • Jean Scroggs  says:

    Dear Susie, Your books are a wonderful read. I have each one that has been published & I am sharing them with friends so they can see why I am so proud of all you are accomplishing. When I start reading I can hardly put it down.
    Can hardly wait for the next one to come out. Waiting patiently on your next great novel.
    Love you,

    • Emily Sue Harvey  says:

      Thanks so much, Jean! Wish I had about a million more
      reader fans like you! :-D
      You are a blessing. Thanks for passing the word!!
      Emily Sue

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